Bratz surveys family attitudes towards festivals

Photo credit: Danny North

UK: A survey undertaken by iconic fashion doll manufacturer Bratz has discovered that seven out of 10 parents are keen to head to a festival with their kids instead of on a traditional summer holiday. Perhaps predictably, Glastonbury was the clear favourite, with 22% of parents keen to attend.

Over half of parents (54%) felt there was a real benefit to taking their children to a festival, with 20% feeling that the events represent great value for money and are less expensive than a family holiday abroad. Less assuringly, just under one in four consider them good opportunities to share their respective music tastes with their children, and 11% feel festivals are less stressful to prepare for than holidays. However, the survey also found that 87% of children aged 10 – 15 are keen to go to a festival.

This summer, Bratz launched a Festival Vibes range, with dolls and accessories themed to different genres of music. Nicola Mellor from Bratz said: “As a brand that encourages self-expression, festivals were the obvious route for our next collection, linking to a popular trend and encouraging our fans to take pride in their own unique style. Despite our unpredictable weather, festivals are firmly established in British culture and our research shows a growing trend in attending these as a family.”

Events company Broadwick Live, which organisers several festivals, including the award winning Festival No.6, commented on the increase in families attending festivals. Festival organiser Luke Huxham said: “Due to an increase in child-friendly activity, from kids’ shows and performances to activities and soft play areas at major music festivals, the number of families attending festivals each year has dramatically increased. Festival No.6 saw an increase of 100% on child and youth tickets between 2014 – 2015.”

Ruth Davies, who blogs at Rock N Roller Mum is also a festival fan. She said: “Taking children to festivals might not be the obvious choice but honestly, find the right ones and it can be more fun than a week in the sun. When Glastonbury started, it was all about the family and although the image may have changed, in our mind over time the reality is that there are some amazing festivals out there to be embraced with the little ones. We go to Camp Bestival every year which is the only place on earth where it’s acceptable to have a toddler on your shoulders and a beer in your hand and it’s fantastic. The children run wild and with feathers and flowers in our hair we get our festival family vibes on for three whole days of camping, music and friends.”

Festival No.6