Greencopper extends partnership with Crowd Connected

UK / CANADA: The UK based Crowd Connected and Canadian app vendor Greencopper have extended their existing partnership to provide enhanced location based services to Greencopper’s portfolio of music event clients.

Greencopper, recently listed in Fast Company’s annual ranking of The World’s 10 Most Innovative Companies in Live Events, has licensed Crowd Connected’s market-leading geo-behavioural audience segmentation engine to power its in-app messaging capabilities.

The integration enables Greencopper’s event clients to curate and trigger communications based on a person’s activity history, not simply their proximity to a fixed location – surpassing existing solutions that typically depend on the use of beacons, and / or prior knowledge of an attendee’s interests.

Crowd Connected’s approach – which uniquely uses attendees’ mobile phones as a sensor-transmitter network and is capable of processing thousands of GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi observations every second – has a number of advantages. In essence, by capturing granular continuous location history of event attendees – and doing so without relying on beacons – it delivers a new level of messaging capability and insight.

The principal advantages are:

  • Enabling trigger-based geo-fenced communications combining both time and location (i.e. activity history), not just proximity – but with none of the limitations of beacon-based services.
  • Increased flexibility, with no requirement to pre-define regions, either geo-fence or limited by fixed beacon positions. Segments can be built for people who aren’t in an area, or have never been to an area. Geo-regions can be any shape and size, not just proximity based.
  • Reduced cost because no site-wide hardware infrastructure required (outdoors).
  • Delivering detailed analytics measuring behavioural response to each message.

Crowd Connected has rapidly built a reputation for raising the bar in live event technology. Its patented location tracking software is increasingly adopted by live events for real-time insight and analytics on the interaction of the crowd with a venue. As a result of the extended partnership, Greencopper’s entire customer base on both sides of the Atlantic is able to benefit from Crowd Connected’s unrivalled geo-segmentation functionality embedded within Greencopper’s GoManager platform.

James Cobb, CEO of Crowd Connected, commented: “We first worked with the Greencopper team in 2015 and we are delighted that the relationship has continued to flourish.

“We believe the new messaging capability is, quite simply, unmatched in live events – providing genuinely innovative audience segmentation capabilities, superior measurement and behavioural insight, in a way that delivers immediate, tangible value.

“For example, operators can define regions simply by drawing on the screen – there is no need to pre-determine these regions. GoManager then enables a message to be sent to individuals who are in that location at the present time. Or who are approaching that location. Or who were in that location at a certain previous time. Or even who have never been to that location. In fact, any number of permutations is possible.”

Gwenaël Le Bodic, CEO of Greencopper, said: “The partnership with Crowd Connected allows Greencopper to offer an integrated platform that enhances the fan experience and enables festivals to run safer events.

“One of Greencopper’s missions is to make messaging to fans a very personal experience. Knowing someone’s location, music tastes and social profile, allows us to bring a truly targeted messaging channel between the fan, the festival and the festival sponsors. In this context, Crowd Connected is bringing Greencopper a highly reliable source of accurate location data while ensuring minimal impact on battery life.”

Crowd Connected