We Are Europe returns to Norway

NORWAY: From October 26 – 28, Insomnia Festival and its symposium programme Movement + New Ideas will host We are Europe members for the second time. This year, the Norwegian festival will invite Lyon-based Nuits Sonores and the Austrian event Elevate to curate performances, panels and screenings.

As part of the proceedings, Elevate will stage UK Drum’n’Bass artist Loxy, Dubstep pioneer Mala, Austrian dub musician Opcion, and Zsamm – a collaboration between Slovenian musician Maja Osojnik and Austrian drummer Patrick Wirzwallner.

In the meantime, Nuits sonores – the French festival dedicated to independent and digital cultures – has chosen to bring Egyptian chaabi artist Islam Chipsy and his live band EEK, UK IDM artist Actress, and techno duo Dopplereffekt.

The two guest festivals will also take part in Movement + New Ideas, shedding light on the Cairo-born Electro Chaabi music movement, as well as hosting an all-star panel called Riot in the Matrix.

We Are Europe