Eurosonic Noorderslag to focus on Switzerland in 2020

Photo credit: Jorn Baars ©

NETHERLANDS: Eurosonic Noorderslag has announced that its annual ‘focus country’ for 2020 will be Switzerland, in cooperation with Swiss Music Export.

Jean Zuber, of Swiss Music Export, said: “The Swiss music scene is thrilled to be the focus of ESNS 2020. For many years, Swiss acts have showcased in Groningen and quite a number of them started their international careers through ESNS and the ETEP programme.

“Switzerland is not only home of a very active and creative artistic scene, it has the highest festival density in the world and a vivid independent record industry. Swiss Music Export will join forces with many music organisations in order to ensure a creative role for ESNS 2020. We can hardly remember a more creative and original era in Swiss music and we’re excited to showcase in Groningen next year.”

ESNS booker, Robert Meijerink, commented: “Switzerland stands out for its cultural diversity, with a very eclectic music scene that has been making waves over the past couple of years. Swiss acts can rely on a professional infrastructure when it comes to their live music venues and festivals. Besides this, key partners of ESNS – such as Yourope and the European Broadcasting Union – are based in Switzerland. A significant number of artists have been crossing European borders already. We can’t wait to get started with Swiss Music Export and their partners to work on ESNS 2020.”

Eurosonic Noorderslag