UK’s first zero waste, carbon neutral cup launches at the Showman’s Show 2019

UK: This year’s Showman’s Show will see the release of a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic cup. The Rubbish Cup is the UK’s first zero waste, carbon neutral plastic cup, and will feature on Grist Environmental Event Service’s stand at the exhibition.

The rubbish cup is the first innovation from UK based company The Rubbish Project, which is a collaboration of specialists in the recycling field and sustainability pioneers.

Jonathan Taylor, of Grist Environmental, said: “We are excited to launch this innovative new product at the show. The rubbish cup is not only a sound environmental solution; it is also commercially viable, and costs no less than other cup alternatives currently available in the marketplace. We are integrating the rubbish cup into our event collection schemes, providing bronze, silver and gold packages. We will deliver the cups, and either collect them at the end of the event and recycle them or, provide capture equipment and an on-site collection service depending on customers’ requirements.”

Connor Bryant, Director of The Rubbish Project, said: “Our cup is made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled again and again, using a state of the art processing method. It is a ‘circular’ product with no new plastic entering the production process. Instead waste plastic that could have become pollution transforms into something useful.”

The rubbish cup is made using recycled PET plastic, which reduces CO2 emissions by 68% when compared to virgin PET plastic. The total carbon footprint is considerably less than any alternative reusable cup including stainless steel and plastic, and the small amount of carbon required to produce the cups is offset with UK tree planting, so it is actually carbon free.

Connor added: “Branded cups, whether they are metal or plastic, are rarely used at more than two events. With the rubbish cup we collect the cups and recycle them, so they are re-used over and over again.”

For further information about the rubbish cup tel:01380 825 106 visit the official website or