Artist Self Isolation Exemption re-introduced

Wrapped up in Friday’s easing of some travel restrictions, the Westminster Government announced that from this Wednesday, September 22, they will reinstate the performers and cultural professionals’ isolation exemption.

A small amount of explanation can be found on the ACE website here:

This exemption applies to England only.

Government guidance states that: “The individuals must be attending a paid professional performing arts event in England, for which they are being paid, that would be critically affected by having to self-isolate; orwhen their work schedule would be critically affected by having to self-isolate.”

Applications for self-isolation exemption must be submitted by a “well-established and recognised English producing venue or organisation, such as a theatre or theatre company, a concert hall, grassroots music venue or orchestra, a recording studio, dance studio or dance company, on behalf of the domestic or international artist or cultural professional when they are coming into England to work on a specific professional performing arts activity with that producer.”

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash