AGF Reveal Festivals and Events Reducing Their Environmental Impact

Not for Profit organisation A Greener Festival (AGF) has revealed the results of their industry leading green event certification for 2021, which highlights festivals and events striving to reduce waste and emissions and enhance equality and ecosystems and commends those who have achieved high standards in sustainability and reduced their environmental impact. 

Launched in 2007, the AGF Awards is a pioneering certification setting the standard for sustainable events. Each application involves a detailed self assessment, on-site independent audit, post event supporting evidence analysis, and recommendations for improvements. The standards have been developed over 15 years in consultation with 1000s of events, event services, suppliers and sustainability experts across key areas assessed. The assessment includes power, transport, material usage, water and sanitation, local ecosystems and community, CO2 emissions, communication, behaviour change and management systems.

The certification criteria is reviewed annually based upon best event industry and sustainability practice, and latest scientific knowledge and consensus. Environmental metrics are in line with the Science Based Targets for keeping global warming below 1.5degrees. In 2021 new work such as the Tyndall Report commissioned by Massive Attack, and the LIVE Beyond Zero Declaration are incorporated for further specific targets, recommendations and alignment in the live events industry.

To receive A Greener Festival or Event Award it is necessary for events to apply for an assessment and provide evidence such as fuel or electricity and water usage, waste transfer notes, transport measurements, procurements policies and traceability, and survey data. To be awarded AGF certification, applicants need to address set requirements, and based on their performance against these, can be graded Improvers, Commended, Highly Commended and Outstanding. Assessments are completed by trained sustainable event auditors and recommendations made for improvements year on year. 

The AGF Awards are open and applicable to all types and durations of events including multi venue city events, sports, business, music and hospitality, Since 2021 the AGF Awards are also available to Tours, Arenas and Venues including outdoor Parks and Outdoor Event Spaces.

Other important developments further increasing into 2022 are the requirements for health & wellbeing,  and equality, diversity and inclusion action by applicants.

The Awards will be presented during the Green Events & Innovations Conference (GEI 14) and International Live Music Conference (ILMC 34) on Friday 29th April at the Royal Garden Hotel, London.

AGF CEO Claire O’Neill said:
“We’re impressed by these events that not only took place in 2021, which was a feat in itself, but also maintained and developed their actions to reduce negative environmental impacts and enhance positive community impacts. We’re happy to be able to award this certification. Record numbers of events worldwide have applied for AGF certification in 2022. This shows the appetite and need for genuine action for sustainability, and the expectation from audiences and local authorities alike for events to prove their minimum environmental standards.”

Gilles De Decker, co-founder Paradise City Festival said: 

“Claiming you are sustainable means taking responsibility. AGF has been auditing Paradise City Festival for several editions now and it is thanks to their valuable feedback and detailed analysis of the ecological footprint of our festival that we can improve year by year. So this recognition as one of the most sustainable festivals worldwide means a lot to our team.”

Joel Atchinson, Regenerative Design & Co Founder, Deep Tropics said: 

“Working in collaboration with the AGF team was incredibly rewarding and expansive! Even with the great success of producing a climate positive event, the depth of their survey and data collection revealed several blindspots of which we are very grateful to have identified. We feel like our team has a clearer roadmap, and a more refined approach to build on into 2022 and beyond!”

Festivals and events making the grade in 2021 are:

Paradise City (Belgium) “Outstanding” A Greener Festival Award 2021

elrow Town (Netherlands) “Highly Commended” A Greener Festival Award 2021

Cridem pel Clima (Spain) “Commended” A Greener Festival Award 2021

Deep Tropics (USA) “Commended” A Greener Festival Awards 2021

Festival de la Luz (Spain) “Commended” A Greener Festival Award 2021

Lost Village (UK) “Improvers” A Greener Festival Award 2021

Madblue (Spain) “Improvers” A Greener Festival Award 2021

South Summit (Spain) “Improvers” A Greener Event Award  2021