Notting Hill Carnival CEO Matthew Phillip announced as new AIF Chair

New AIF Chair, Matthew Phillip

The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) has appointed Notting Hill Carnival CEO Matthew Phillip as its new Chair. 

Phillip is the CEO of Carnival Village Trust, London’s leading Carnival development agency, which is dedicated to supporting and delivering an integrated programme of Carnival arts.

In addition to this, Phillip is the CEO of Notting Hill Carnival Ltd, the organisation that manages the second largest street event in the world: Notting Hill Carnival. Phillip is also the Managing Director of Mangrove Carnival Arts CIC, encompassing one of the oldest steel bands in the UK and Mangrove Mas band.

Phillip succeeds Jim Mawdsley, who announced in February this year, at AIF’s Festival Congress, that he would be stepping down after a seven-year tenure.

Philip started his duties as AIF’s new Chair at the beginning of June. He will work alongside the AIF Board, Vice Chair Nick Morgan and CEO Paul Reed. 

AIF CEO Paul Reed said: “Following a robust search for the right candidate, I’m delighted to welcome Matthew as the new Chair of AIF. Matthew brings a wealth of relevant experience in governance and leadership as the CEO of the globally renowned Notting Hill Carnival, among other important roles. 

“It remains a critical time for AIF as we emerge from the worst effects of the pandemic. Our members are facing some very difficult trading conditions, and we have a renewed focus on climate action, audience welfare and diversity. AIF’s role as a collective voice and support network to our members remains vital and I look forward to working with Matthew to ensure that the organisation evolves and continues to be a powerful advocate for the independent festival sector.” 

Matthew Phillip said: “The AIF has shown itself to be an incredible champion for independent festival operators – no more so than in recent years, both during the pandemic and what is still now a very difficult time for promoters all over the country. It’s with great pride that I take on the role of AIF Chair. I look forward to offering my experience and expertise to further the organisation’s great work and help it evolve to meet today’s challenges.”