EFPE Returns to Budapest

The Event Production Forum East (EPFE) returns to Budapest Arena on 4th November 2022.

Delegates will enjoy a day of networking, centred around four panels, presented in association with Platinum partner EPS and Gold partners Visual Europe Group and Continest KFT.

EPFE welcomes anyone involved in live events in Central and Eastern Europe and wider afeild. It attracts event professionals, technicians, bookers and entrepreneurs from production, venue management, promotion, hospitality, and suppliers.

Organisers Carl A H Martin and Máté Horvath are delighted to be returning for EPFE’s sixth year, to the face-to-face format, having force to host a virtual conference during the pandemic.

Carl comments:

“In the ever-changing landscape of events it feels particularly important to bring together event professionals to discuss the range of challenges and opportunities they face collectively. We have always looked to create a relaxed, interactive forum, where delegates can listen, learn, talk and share ideas.

“Although the outside world does tend to label this region as a ‘developing market’, it is not true. I recall when Bryan Grant from Britannia Row Productions was a panel member two or three years ago and told delegates that “the industry is as advanced here as it is throughout the western world, it just doesn’t shout about it! People from outside could learn a lot . . . so we encourage everyone across Europe to join us.”

The organisers have curated four panels to stimulate the conversation.

“The Mature and the Newcomers”.
Moderated by Lina Ugrinovska, from Banana&Salt in Macedonia, young and old will talk about experience and communication. This is the third time this subject has been discussed at conferences this year, at Eurosonic, IPM now here. It is relevant and has produced some strong and interesting dialogue.

“The weather today is ****!

This year, and in previous years, festivals and other events in the CEE and elsewhere in Europe have been hit by extreme weather. Benis Dániel, Head of Production for Sziget Cultural Management ltd., and Dax Cochran, Weather Risk Consultant from the DTN company, along with others who have been affected by severe weather, will share knowledge and insights, and offer advice in mitigating the vagaries of the weather.

“Those that know…”

Edmond Lenarth, from the Electric Castle festival in Romania, a successful promoter and organiser involved in events on the eastern edges of the CEE Neil Burke, from the Archetype company in Dublin, Ireland, a successful production expert and organiser. Under the moderation of Martina Pogacic, from Show Production in Zagreb, they will talk to each other and the audience about the various production necessities of organising events.

The day will close with the ever-popular ‘Dinosaur Session’. Those of a ‘certain age’ involved in the industry come to tell us their experiences but at the same time pass on years of knowledge.

This year’s guest is not here to sell (it is not his territory) but will not fail to entertain.

Martin Goebbels, Head of Music and Touring from Miller Insurance Services LLP, well known and respected “Industry Veteran” will talk with Carl A H Martin and the delegates, giving guidance and advising about insurance… he will inevitably swap a few stories with Carl as well!

Máté states:

“The pandemic has reinforced the value of people getting together to collaborate and conduct business, so we are delighted to be inviting people to join us in Budapest this November.”