Web 3 Festival Dcentralize Adds to Team, Gains Partners

Dcentralize, the organisation behind the construction of the first ‘one stop shop’ Web 3 Music Ecosystem is welcoming two powerful women to their leadership team, Dr Amber Ghaddar & Mariana Brandao; at the same time announcig five new sponsors and partners.

Dr Ghaddar, who has an impressive track record in finance and crypto, and a passion for music, dance & art – joins DCentralize as Exec Chair and will work with the leadership team to support its strategic mission. Founder & CIO at AllianceBlock, and founder of the female-focused accelerator The 200bn Club, Amber is a well-recognised thought leader on governance and tokenomic models, and was featured in the Women in Crypto Powerlist 2020 by the Fintech Times, Innovate UK Fintech Senior Leaders Standout 2021 and Top Women in Crypto 2022.

Mariana Brandao joins the Dcentralize team as Music & Entertainment Business Development. She has occupied numerous key roles in the entertainment and music industry with the likes of Anglo Management, Pacha & Creamfields Brazil, Embrace Music, Rock in Rio Festival, Liberty Music PR and Paramount Artists. Mariana is a respected and experienced personality within Web3 music, regularly speaking at industry conferences such as NFT.London.

Rounding off a busy few weeks, Dcentralize completed the rollout of its new branding, which was developed with Muuv Creative, an industry-leading brand design agency for Web3-focussed clients.

Co-Founder and Creative Director Dan Healy said “We’re delighted we could play an integral part of Dcentralize’s journey, focusing their vision in a powerful strategic direction, and arming them with emotional brand messaging and a suite of stunning creative assets.”

The five new sponsors are:

Kujira is a Cosmos Layer 1 platform for community-selected projects creating true value.

Riot Labs produces award-winning premium e-liquid and sustainable disposable e-cigarettes in over 80 countries worldwide, as part of their mission to create a smoke-free world.

Zebu Live is the UK’s leading Web3 event’s brand, with a mission to foster mainstream adoption of crypto and blockchain tech, and push the boundaries of innovation.

CryptoWeeklyMag.com is the up-to-date online resource for crypto news, while

Crypto Weekly Magazine provides a retrospective and leftfield digest on the previous week’s crypto news stories.

Nickel Factory is a unique startup on a mission to bring decentralized communities closer together through immersive and interactive IRL events.

Dcentralize Founder Ian Kerr says: “It’s been a busy and exciting few weeks for Decentralize. Our feet have hardly touched the ground! We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Dr Amber and Mariana to our 28-strong (and growing) team, and we have no doubt they will provide invaluable experience and knowledge to enable us to achieve our strategic objectives. With our fantastic new branding launched and new sponsors on board, the positive developments for Dcentralize just keep on coming… and we’re only just getting warmed up!”

Dcentralize’s flagship event is a hybrid music festival and conference that will be held at Prestwold Hall Estate in August 2023. The live event will be streamed simultaneously in a custom-built metaverse hosted by Passage. Dcentralize’s Web3 music ecosystem services – including a ticketing platform, an NFT marketplace, and a music streaming platform – will be launched during Q1 and Q2 of 2023.