Prodigy to Exit With Keith Flint Laser Projection

Prodigy return to Exit, their favourite festival.

The first 23 names for EXIT Festival 2023 can be revealed today and they include the legendary return of the most influential electro-punk band of all time, The Prodigy, with more to come in the next few months.

After a multi-year break, the band are to return to EXIT, and it’s a place they have a rich history and deep connection with the Serbian audience. It is also an event they have said is their favourite to play in all the world so you can expect this date to be a real highlight of their comeback international tour, as the band’s founder Liam Howlett explains: “EXIT is our favourite festival! We were there (in Serbia) when a lot of sh*t went down. They hold us in their hearts as a special bend, and we love the people there.”

The EXIT 2023 programme runs from July 6th – 9th at the famous Petrovaradin Fortress and it will be headlined by electronic music revolutionary Skrillex, rock sensation Viagra Boys, the Keinemusik collective as well as CamelPhat, Hot Since 82, Vintage Culture and Indira Paganotto. The performances of The Toasters, Cockney Rejects, Human Rias, Mortal Kombat, Zoe Kida and many others have also been confirmed. A total of 23 names are ready to take their place in the EXIT Universe by coming to four of Exit’s favourite stages – Main Stage, mts Dance Arena, Visa Fusion and Explosive for this fantastic four day celebration.

The Prodigy has been a leading force in the global electronic scene for decades.  Their immense popularity in the region is evidenced by breaking the Main Stage attendance records at each of their performances, which are expected to be repeated next  year. Their 1995 concert in Belgrade’s Pionir Hall left an indelible mark on Serbian society after the wars and sanctions, reconnecting young people with the world and providing them with a sense of freedom, rebellion, and revolution through music. This connection was deepened at the EXIT festival from their first performance in 2007 through the 2009 edition, to 2013 and 2016. The members of the most influential electro band of all time showed how much they loved the local audience when they proudly declared that EXIT is their favourite festival and that they love the Serbian people!

“Many thought, including the band itself, that The Prodigy would stop performing after the tragedy, but we knew this wouldn’t be the case. The comeback concerts in London showed that the fire in them burns stronger than ever, and the iconic band’s reunion with its favourite, EXIT audience, will surely be the most emotional yet. In July, we will witness a moment of true music history, which will reach its highest point with a special laser projection of Keith Flint” said the founder and CEO of the EXIT festival, Dušan Kovačević.

Skrillex, the American producer and DJ who has wild memories of Exit, will also return to the Petrovaradin fortress. After his first performance at the Main Stage in 2014, which is remembered as one of the greatest in the history of Exit, he was so delighted by the atmosphere that he decided to cancel his other performances and stay until the end of the festival. This musical innovator has eight Grammy Awards, which is a record in the electronic music scene.

Viagra Boys and their eccentric frontman Sebastian Murphy, professional jazz musicians and hardcore veterans from Stockholm, are coming to Serbia for the first time, straight to Exit’s Main Stage! Their music is strongly based on the elements of parody and satire, presented at their very first EP, “Consistency of Energy,“ followed by their debut album “Street Worms,“ and last year’s LP “Welfare Jazz.“ Scottish producer/DJ duo LF System is also coming to the EXIT Festival’s Main stage – these hitmakers are known for their refreshing soul sound, topping the UK Singles Chart and earning a platinum record with their single “Afraid to Feel.