Glownet Announces Major New Partnership Program

Phygital touchpoints shouldn't be a rollercoaster ride.

Glownet, who describe themselves as ‘the experiential platform stack for the events industry’ has launched its new partner network, “Powered by Glownet” (PBG), with the admirable aim of strengthening Glownet’s partner ecosystem, which prioritises affiliate relationships and the ability to help them scale, succeed, and deliver better end-customer experiences.

Through “phygital” (yes) touch-points, Glownet offers global & regional partners the opportunity to upgrade ticketing systems & marketplaces, cashless infrastructures, operational tools & experiential campaign products via one integrated platform stack. Partners will be able to capitalise on the exploding market demand for legacy modernisation and digital transformation solutions.

With enhanced benefits and resources designed to bring more agility to its growing ecosystem, the PBG network offers a comprehensive and easily integratable range of products & features that can be delivered for the end customers racing to keep pace with their markets.

“Glownet offers partners the opportunity to upgrade their existing product offer.” Said Glownet’s CEO Sami Tueni. “By providing them with the building blocks they need in a plugin and play format, our partners are in complete control of their business model & expansion. Glownet is able to free them from the burden of tech development to focus their resources on doing what’s really important – delivering world-class experiences for their clients.”

Scott Witters, Glownet’s CCO explained: “Partners are key to our overall growth strategy, and our newly enhanced Powered by Glownet program will support and reward them and their efforts.”

“We aim to provide our partners with the best ways to accelerate their digital transformation journey, and we do that by partnering with some of the leading and most innovative providers who share the same values and passion as us.”

Glownet’s product stack model is a great choice for partners looking to upgrade their own existing products with add-ons or complementary solutions. The offer allows for flexibility and customization, with additional features, integrations with third-party tools and platforms, and the ability to tailor completely to the needs of individual partners.

“Powered by Glownet” is designed for partners at any stage and Glownet offers to work as a silent partner, powering their partner’s products without fuss or any claim to data ownership. The program enables partners to expand and diversify their customer bases, provide more value for their clients, deepen their expertise, and differentiate their businesses by providing new and innovative product features.