BP Pulse Delivers World’s First EV Powered Silent Disco  

Thousands of revellers at this year’s CarFest experienced the power of electric vehicle (EV) charging in action at the bp pulse EV silent disco.

Over 5000 festival goers visited the 600-person capacity attraction which, in a world-first, was 100% powered by four EVs charged by bp pulse, bringing together the combination of electrifying beats, electric cars and EV charging solutions.

Over the course of the weekend, three disco slots were played on each of the three days, with 6.5 hours of daily EV-powered entertainment using approximately 200kWh worth of power across the event.

Adding to the excitement, celebrity brothers, AJ and Curtis Pritchard, played the opening set and took part in a DJ battle on Friday, before festival creator, Chris Evans, thrilled disco crowds with a special appearance both behind the decks and on the dancefloor, on Saturday.

To provide a helpful resource to festival goers, bp pulse offered mobile charging powered by the cars to charge their devices while they danced. In a further demonstration of its charging capabilities, bp pulse also provided battery-powered EV charging for the electric cars in the paddock, creating a dedicated EV charging hub for the first time in the festival’s history.

Speaking about the attraction, Paul Goodmaker, Global Sponsorship Director at bp, said: “This is the first time that bp pulse has sponsored CarFest and we wanted to shine a light on both the power of EVs and the capability of bp pulse in a fun and engaging way to highlight their capabilities.

“Recent developments in vehicle to load (V2L) technology enabled us to plug EVs into four different areas of the silent disco to charge the headsets, power the tent’s lighting and DJ equipment and provide mobile phone charging lockers.

“We’re proud to have worked with CarFest to offer festival goers a truly unique off-grid entertainment experience, and to have brought our positive energy to such a wide audience.”