Tremor Returns to the Azores

Get into the Moog with Colleen at Tremor 2024. Pic: Luis Torroja

Tremor, the Azorean festival of adventurous creativity makes its return to São Miguel Island 19th – 23rd March 2024 with a colourful array of musical experiences. Among the first wave of artists is Cole Pulice, a multifaceted composer, saxophonist, and electro-acoustic musician hailing from Oakland via Minneapolis. Following the success of their debut album Gloam and notable collaborations, Cole Pulice returns with their latest solo work, Scry. This deeply contemporary work melds saxophone and wind synthesizers with live signal processing and electronics.

French artist Cécile Schott, better known as Colleen, brings her fearless exploration of new sounds and music creation to Tremor 2024. With seven critically acclaimed albums released between 2003 and 2021, Colleen consistently reinvented herself. Released on Thrill Jockey, her latest offering Le jour et la nuit du réel marks her return to purely instrumental work. Collaborations with synth manufacturer Moog have amplified her passion for synthesis, resulting in an album that artfully translates the complexity of our relationship with reality through a myriad of sonic transformations, reflecting the psychological mutations experienced through the cycles of day and night.

Born in the small industrial city of Barcelos in Minho, Portugal, Glockenwise has always set themselves apart with their non-conformist energy and distinctive melancholic undertones. Their latest album Gótico Português is a compendium of themes about  identity of those caught between the margins and the centre, offering songs for uncertain times.

Jards Macalé, a living legend in the world of music, celebrated the 50th anniversary of his eponymous solo album in 2022. His show at Tremor 2024, accompanied by his new band, is promising a dazzling display of his artistic prowess, blending the past and present in a fusion of Brazilian music, samba, bossa nova, rock, classical harmonies, and jazz improvisation.

Barcelona’s Prison Affair offers raw and unfiltered music. Their lo-fi sound is characterised by synthesised guitar riffs, commanding bass lines, and vocals that carry an otherworldly quality. They will perform at Tremor as a power trio, with Adri (Brux, Psycho Tendencies) on drums.

Romperayo invites you on a fast-paced musical journey through Colombian tropical folklore. Their interpretation of the psychedelic sounds of ’70s cumbia and other tropical rhythms is dangerous and modern. Part of the new Colombian music scene, the band reinterprets their roots in a fascinating way, blending traditional rhythms with modern electronics. Their live shows are a whirlwind of musical fireworks, appealing to both your hips and feet, as well as your brain and spirit.

Completing the first announcement for Tremor 2024 is Estrela, a new band formed by emerging Portuguese artists Bejaflor, Mc Falcona, and Sreya, created during an artistic residency in the Azores organized by Rádio Vaivém.