Unearthed Festival to Accept Cryptocurrency for Ticket Sales

Unearthed Festival, the Pembrokeshire festival known for its vibrant community and innovative experiences, has announced a bold step towards financial inclusivity. Effective immediately, attendees can purchase their tickets using cryptocurrency, as well as traditional payment methods.

Tim Rees – Festival Director said:
“Access to financial vehicles has historically been limited to large scale investors, actively withholding the benefits to the hands of the few, prohibiting the majority of people from their potential benefits. Cryptocurrencies, whilst still in need of additional development, represent an avenue to financial freedom with such a broad range of applications we still don’t fully appreciate the scale of the opportunities. In recognition that many of our fans and guests are already literate in cryptocurrencies and that many more are interested, we have decided to take the bold step to accept crypto payments for Unearthed Festival 2024. We also accept fiat currencies in both digital and physical form. “

Unearthed Festival supports various forms of currency and sees the new frontier in digital assets as an exciting opportunity to expand access to financial tools for the masses. With this move, Unearthed Festival becomes the first pioneering festival in Wales, and one of the first in the UK, to bring cryptocurrency to mainstream festival culture.

In addition to accepting cryptocurrency payments, the festival will continue to offer traditional payment methods, including credit cards and cash payments, which will remain available at the festival gates as well as our usual ticket page on their website.

To purchase a ticket using cryptocurrency, attendees can visit the Unearthed
Festival website, visit the ’ Crypto Tickets’ page, select their tickets and
pay using their coinbase account or crypto wallet.