Glownet Launches Next-Gen Digital Wallet

Glownet, the global providers of experiential digital products, has announced the release of Digital Wallet 2.0, a revolutionary product that sets a new standard for digital payment & ticketing solutions. Packed with cutting-edge features and functionalities, Digital Wallet 2.0 not only transforms the way product managers enable contactless & cashless payments but also provides an unprecedented level of convenience and control to end customers.

The all-in-one nature of Digital Wallet 2.0 allows users to consolidate all their tickets, passes, and payments in one secure and convenient location. No longer will users need to juggle multiple apps or remember numerous passwords. The digital wallet seamlessly stores it all, providing users with an effortless and streamlined experience.

Event history & ticket listings make it easy to navigate & review entire user journeys from both sides of the relationship.

With the latest linked payment accounts & budgeting tools, cashless balances for both mobile & RFID become pre-authorized, eliminating the need for refunds & only charging customers for what they actually spend.

“We’re offering a real alternative to prepaid,” says Ed Mason, COO at

“By automating customer spending in this way, we’re getting rid of the administrative hassle of refund processing. Operationally, it’s similar to ‘pay-at-pump’ fuel solutions. Customers link their payment methods to their digital wallet and are charged at the end of their interaction, and only for what they’ve actually spent”.

“It’s fairer and allows businesses to settle their accounts without having to wait for refunds to be claimed & processed. With our cashless infrastructure, it won’t change a thing in terms of operations & reporting. Promoters can still see redemptions, revenue & sales in real-time”.

Digital Wallet 2.0 also brings with it new spend history tools & receipts for customers, who can download itemized billing information for total transparency.

Traditionally, customers have only been able to get receipts for the prepaid credit top-ups they’ve purchased. Now, they can get receipts for every item purchased, either with real-world currency or tokenization, no matter how they paid.

Digital Wallet 2.0 offers providers the ability to create their own brandable platform with headless and white-label solutions. This customizable feature allows businesses to align the digital wallet platform with their existing branding, ensuring a consistent and seamless experience for their customers while taking full advantage of unadulterated CRM.

Digital Wallet 2.0 is now available for consumers and businesses alike. To learn more about its features and capabilities, click here