Your guide to planning a headline-worthy F&B festival lineup

UK Festival Awards F&B Partners, Togather, have assembled their top tips for festival F&B Success.

From researching to booking to load-in to the inevitable on-the-day disasters, managing a F&B lineup at a festival can be a hectic experience. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what Togather specialise in, and they’ve put together some top tips to bear in mind when considering what, who, and how to book.

Consider the physical layout of your suppliers 

It sounds like a small thing, but the shape and layout of your suppliers can make a huge difference to guest experience. A horseshoe shape might look aesthetically pleasing, but if your queues start to build up, you’ll get the dreaded “queue clash,” leaving guests confused and possibly even queuing for the wrong supplier altogether. Unless you’re very confident in your suppliers’ ability to speed through orders and keep those queues down, we’d recommend straight lines to keep things simple.

Think about the weather

British weather is notoriously difficult to predict, but if your event is being held during the autumn or spring, we’d recommend covering your bases with plenty of options. Our hot chocolate and coffee sales shoot up when the weather is gloomy. If the forecast takes a turn for the worst, make sure your hot drink suppliers are briefed to expect a crowd!

Check the wifi!

For suppliers, the wifi going down or the router not reaching far enough spells disaster. For customers it’s equally frustrating if their transactions don’t go through swiftly and slow speeds result in long queues, so it’s well worth investing in the infrastructure before the event.


Balance your lineup

It’s tempting to jam-pack your lineup with the obvious big hitters like burgers, pizza, and fried chicken, but our data shows that festival-goers really value lighter options like juices and smoothies. Guests also value diverse options and a captive audience can be a great opportunity to try out some more niche cuisines from around the world.

Bring in some foodie favourites

Adding one or two recognisable names can really elevate a festival food lineup, especially if they’re a local hero. Beloved restaurants will often have an events leg of their business and nothing delights a crowd more than seeing a hometown favourite on the lineup.

Remember your crews

Live days are hectic at best and your team needs to be well fed, watered and caffeinated. Treating them to a specialist coffee station and a couple of good, hearty food options makes all the difference to a happy crew and a smooth-running event.

Sound like a lot? Togather are tried and tested experts when it comes to curating and managing lineups at festivals, having worked on events like GALA, Pride in London, and Camp Wildfire. They take your brief and run with it, creating an unforgettable experience for your attendees and a much easier life for you. Get in touch at