Victoria Park Expands Event Licensing Capacities

Tower Hamlets Council has approved a decision to allow Victoria Park’s medium and large events to increase in size from 500 and 5,000 to 5,000 and 20,000 people respectively.

Despite resident protests,  mayor Lutfur Rahman said the council had “no choice” but to hire out the park as another way of making money.

Victoria Park, one of London’s most visited green spaces, plays host to AEG Presents’ All Point East and In the Neighbourhood, their free to enter programme of activities for the local community during the summer holidays.

Major events, which remain capped at 50,000 people, will be held more frequently – from 10 to 12 such events each year, the council said.

Residents have demanded the council carry out a consultation on the mayor’s plans for the park.

A petition read: “This is a terrible idea that would ruin our park, our neighbourhood and our environment. It would mean more noise, more traffic, more waste and more pollution in our area.

“It would also mean less access and less enjoyment of the park for us, especially for our families and children who need the park during the summer holidays.

“We cannot let this happen. We need to stand up for our park, our rights and our voice.”

The council said: “The proposed changes would allow for a wider range of events to be considered by the council and boost local businesses and provide a wider range of things for local people to do and enjoy in the park.”