Organisations Collaborate on Sustainable Accessibility Toolkit

Attitude is Everything, Julie’s Bicycle and A Greener Future publish new toolkit on how to make disabled people’s access to live events environmentally sustainable

The toolkit was inspired by a Summer 2023, Julie’s Bicycle survey which asked disabled people about access and environmental sustainability at live events and festivals.

The key findings are:

  • Sustainability is a consideration for over two thirds of disabled respondents.
  • One third of respondents feel that environmental solutions are not easy to navigate and do not meet their access requirements.
  • Only 22% of respondents feel included and able to participate in events and festivals that align with their climate values.

A Greener Future took an in depth look at three festivals and their experience of providing accessibility for disabled people compatible with the festival’s environmental sustainability goals.

These case studies highlight where the issues have been and the solutions that each festival has developed along with areas where further work is needed.

Attitude is Everything, Julie’s Bicycle and A Greener Future will publish an innovative new toolkit which supports the UK’s events industry to implement practical solutions that tackle both climate change and accessibility.

Initially inspired by Attitude Is Everything’s Suzanne Bull, the 3 organisations chose to combine their expertise as a force for change. Funded by Arts Council England,  the powerful collaboration brought together disabled people and the UK’s live events sector through a series of roundtables and interviews to discuss the barriers and solutions.

There was a strong commitment to innovative thinking and co-design practices, working collaboratively to discuss the most accessible, but also the most environmentally-friendly way forward.

The learnings form the foundations of the toolkit.

The toolkit will be launched today at (GEI6) Green Events and Innovation Conference 6 with a presentation by Julie’s Bicycle and A Greener Future –  followed by a panel discussion chaired by Tori Tsui – Bristol-based climate activist, writer, speaker and consultant from Hong Kong, with Attitude is Everything Patron Blaine Harrison of Mystery Jets, Arts Council England’s Senior Manager for Environmental Responsibility Feimatta Conteh and Forwards Festival’s Accessibility Manager Harry Jones.

The toolkit can be accessed here.