Showsec Fosters Diversity With Management Development Programme

Showsec, a leading name in event security, is commemorating the 30th anniversary of its Management Development Programme (MDP), a significant milestone that underscores the company’s dedication to excellence and continuous improvement in the security industry.

Over the past 19 years, the MDP has served as a cornerstone for professional development, with more than 100 associates having successfully completed the programme. Notably, 17 female participants have graduated from the MDP, subsequently securing key positions as Area Managers, Ops Executives, and Operations Supervisors within the organisation. Showsec currently boasts a workforce of 83 full-time members at its Headquarters and over 4,000 SIA and Stewards throughout the UK. The company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in the growing number of female SIA Door Supervisors, showcasing an industry-leading rate of progression.

The company is embarking on a full overhaul of their training from Stewards to Area Managers with a robust career framework using a blended style of face-to-face, online and workshops. Starting in April 2024, Showsec will roll out a series of short learning webinars aimed at developing essential soft skills. The company has also collaborated with numerous apprenticeship suppliers to provide additional career development opportunities for both head office and operational roles.

Floyd Green-Junior a Showsec Area Manager who rose through the ranks after beginning as a steward in 2015, shared, “The MDP has been instrumental in my career growth. Networking and building relationships outside my area led to my promotion to Area Manager. I’m looking forward to the full completion of MDP (level 6) in 2024 and contributing to the growth of Showsec.”

Jane Wilkinson, Operations Supervisor, who started with her first shift as a Steward in 1999, expressed, “The MDP taught me the vast scope of crowd management. Looking ahead to 2024 and 2025, I anticipate good teamwork on big events, helping workers progress, and exploring opportunities with new clients.”

Minal Karia, the programme lead at De Montfort University, expressed her satisfaction, stating, “The collaborative relationship with Showsec and De Montfort University has been paramount to the success of the Crowd Management programme. The industry-leading programme has empowered students with academic knowledge and practical tools to address real-life challenges within their sector.”