OPEN Launches New ‘Ticketing Ecosystem’

The newly launched OPEN Ticketing Ecosystem is aiming become the number one home for onchain ticketing backed by Animoca, Merit Circle, Redbeard Ventures & the Tezos Foundation, with tooling running on Polygon, Base, Solana and Tezos.

The ecosystem of builders, projects, and backers has the shared goal of challenging the status quo and bringing the $85 billion ticketing industry onchain, aiming to give control to event organizers, artists and their fans.

The OPEN Ticketing Ecosystem claims to be in a perfect spot to disrupt what they refer to as monopolies, having issued 5 million tickets to event goers around the world, from stadium shows to comedy clubs and museums since 2016.

The OPEN rebranding is followed by a newly launched event financing system that helps organizers and artists fund their events.

Upcoming developments will be additional integrations, boosting the annual ticket volume on OPEN to 20 million. Along with all of these new business developments, OPEN is launching the OPN token on March 28th. Holders of OPN will be able stake their tokens and receive a portion of real world ticketing yield.

OPEN is aiming to put 1% of the events industry onchain in the next five years