YOUROPE Releases Diversity and Inclusion Toolset for Festival Sector

YOUROPE – The European Festival Association has developed and released the “3F Diversity & Inclusion Toolset” for the European festival sector. The Toolset is a curated collection of resources that can help festival organisers make their event more diverse and inclusive – for their visitors, artists and staff.

YOUROPE is proud to present the Diversity & Inclusion Toolset as part of its three-year project “Future-Fit Festivals” (3F). This toolset is full of resources that can help festival makers create more inclusive and diverse festivals – for the audience, artists and their own team. Resources include guides, tests, checklists, interviews, databases, other toolkits, roadmaps, reports, games and action plans. Most were created by different expert organizations all across Europe and sometimes even beyond. The toolset is public and free to use for any festival or cultural event.

Other contents were created by the project team, e.g. 13 stories of festivals and projects that have implemented measures for more inclusion and diversity. The team wrote these stories so that festival makers can find inspiration and learn more about good-practices so that they can replicate them at their own festivals.

The toolset comes as a PDF and an online version. In the PDF, each resource and story are introduced with a few key facts, a teaser of the contents, and a link to There, readers will find full texts explaining the tools and the good-practice examples in detail, as well as download links of the resources.

Common types of discrimination (e.g. ableist, racist, and sexist) inspired the Toolset’s topics. Chapters are dedicated to: Accessibility & Inclusion, Anti-Racism Work & Diversity, Gender & Sexual Equity, Consciousness & Responsibility, Allyship, and good-practice stories. To explain terms like “FLINTA*”, “ableism”, and “BIPoC”, the team also assembled a glossary. Plus, they have written a ‘Diversity Mission Statement’ that festivals are free to copy and adapt to their own event.

The Toolset is the result of a collaboration of experts from the YOUROPE network, e.g. from Roskilde Festival (DK), Primavera Sound (ES), Flow Festival (FI), Höme – Für Festivals (DE), Open’er Festival (PL) and OpenAir St.Gallen (CH). They were supported by an advisory board of external experts from different countries and backgrounds. Their tasks were to check the team’s unconscious biases and to ensure that the texts are representative of the groups of people this toolset is dedicated to.

This is the first pan-European publication of its size and topical range to be jointlydeveloped and published by and for the festival sector. It can serve as a  relevant toolset for organisers of festivals and other large (open-air) events, also far beyond the borders of the EU.

The development process for the toolset started in October 2023 and it was presented to the public for the first time at ESNS 2024, in a panel giving a sneak peek of its contents.

The Toolset can be found here: