Top Pop Purveyors Pull Pints For Kendal Calling Pub Launch

The Lottery Winners pulling pints in The Castle . Pic: Vincent Cole

Not content with number 1 albums, hugely entertaining live performances and a UK Festival Awards 2023 presenter side-hustle, The Lottery Winners have turned their hand to running a newly-opened on-site pub at Kendal Calling, the Stagger Inn.

Each year the Stagger Inn is set to be joined by a very special guest landlord. And this year, this will be no other than the brilliant Thom Rylance, lead singer of Leigh chart-toppers and Kendal favourites.

To get warmed up for the job, Thom surprised fans at Manchester’s Castle Hotel pub last night, appearing behind the bar to pull pints, host an impromptu pub quiz, sing some of the band’s biggest hits and … give away tickets to Kendal Calling. Check it out here.